Reporting & Analytics

Get powerful insights about your restaurant with the clever RePOS software. You got food to make and customers to attend. No more spreadsheets to make. Put the insights to improve your restaurant business. Get the advantage of accessing business reports and analytics from anywhere, anytime, on mobile or desktop.

Key Features


  • Generate reports for right decisions at the right time
  • Real-time reports for critical areas
  • Online reports on inventory, sales, turnover etc
  • Ascertain your costs, profits and critical data


  • Report on the effectiveness of pricing, offers, campaigns
  • Outlet wise statistics on sales and profitability
  • Most and least moving/profitable items
  • Report on busy and non-busy hours


  • Link multiple outlets to single account
  • Real-time reports
  • Smartphone, Tablet, and Desktop compatible
  • Schedule reports

Real-time Reports Using A POS Software

Track Your Sales From Anywhere

With ReAnalyze app, track your restaurant sales from anywhere, anytime, on smartphone or tablet.

Check Your Best Customers

Track and engage with your best customers via customer and order history reports.

Manage Your Stocks

Helps you manage your stock through efficient stock reports delivered to your mail box daily.

Analyse Your Progress

Track, monitor, and analyse your progress through sales, marketing, and revenue in real time.

Franchisee Reports

Helps brand owners track franchise reports and franchisee owners to keep check on respective outlets.

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