Fine Dine

Complete meal coordination with point of sale systems

We help you synchronize all types of orders

Re-POS Fine Dine restaurant app assists your restaurant Captains and Waiters to attend to guests’ preferences on the go. The app empowers your restaurant to offer improved customer service, increase revenue, and collect customer data without compromising on customer satisfaction.

Table Based Ordering System

Provides better control to your guests. Guests can directly place orders and pay through the tablet available on their table. Also accommodate special requests and alternatives.

Flexible Pricing and Taxation Management

Flexible pricing allows you to update the product catalog and pricing for head office and outlets in real-time. Classify the pricing of items on offer. Plus, manage taxes on sales and purchases at HO and outlet level.

Switch Tables

Give your customers the freedom to swap tables from the one they booked earlier. An add-on feature to help you satisfy your customers.

Customizable Floor Plans

Customize the floor plan of your restaurant that eases customer service and increases their satisfaction. Plan, design, manage and modify the layout of furniture with a few taps.

Tablet Based Feedback Management

Get impromptu feedback from your customers. Send alerts to guests to rate and review your restaurant. Manage feedback, appreciate the positive, and respond to negative ones.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Highly flexible software, allows you to execute multiple customer loyalty programs. Drive multiple programs simultaneously. Enhance customer loyalty by promoting Gift Cards and Customer Reward Cards.

Advantages of using RePOS in Fine Dining Restaurants

Quick Service

Improves customer satisfaction and raises chances of referrals resulting in more business.

Manage Space

Helps you keep your restaurant look spacious, organized, and well-maintained.

Safe & Secure

Ensure complete security of customer details and protect from data theft.