Quick Serve

Serve quick, serve right with POS

We Help Your overall business growth

Take full control of your restaurant business with RePOS Quick Serve POS software. Put away operational challenges, reduce the margin pressures, beat the competition via multi-featured, flexible, and intuitive software to help your staff to customers better, generate reports, and increase revenue.

Configurable Workflow for Quick Ordering

An instinctive touchscreen interface helps streamline food ordering, delivery process, and configure workflow, resulting in less waiting time for customers.

Online-Offline Mode

Works online through Wi-Fi or a 3G/4G/LTE connection. Also works in offline mode when there is no network connectivity and synchronizes with RePOS software when connectivity is restored.

Staff Performance Tracking

Analyse staff performance at the end of the day. Track parameters such as in and out time, sales, customers attended, and revenue generated. Generate reports in real-time.

Track Packaging Inventory

Flexible, efficient, and user-friendly interface helps to track packaging inventory. Improves inventory management and reduces the chances of thefts.

Kitchen Display System

Exclusivity for kitchen managers. Ideal for your maintaining clear communication and timing among kitchen and floor staff. View and monitor all tickets.  

Advantages of using RePOS in Quick Serve Restaurants

Fast and Intuitive

Reduce customer waiting time. Faster checkout process with intuitive touchscreen order entry.

Safe and Secure

Eliminate the risk of a data breach with reliable and secure payment processing.

Menu Management

Easily change, modify, and update the menu to add or delete items. Highlight running items and hide items least in demand.


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