Include the “CREATE YOUR PIZZA” option in style with RePOS

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Pizza points are mushrooming. There are pizza lovers everywhere. Only tasty pizzas don’t win the race, it is along with the quick service that wins the customer. Right? So, besides baking and garnishing tasty, yummy pizzas, give your guests the comfort of value-added online services with RePOS Pizzeria POS software. Increase the customer base and beat the competition.

Configure Parameters for Customization

Offer better customer service with the first-of-its-kind feature that allows you to configure parameters of customization based on consumer requirements and requests

Kitchen Display System

RePOS Kitchen Display System app allows you send tickets directly from the pizzeria floor to the kitchen. Speeds-up order receipt and delivery. All orders appear on configured digital devices on the floor and in the kitchen.

Schemes & Promotions

Boost sales by promoting schemes, offers, and other festive discounts to regular customers through SMS/Email from RePOS Pizzeria POS software. Track and manage activity in real-time.

Digitized Kitchen Order Tokens (KOT) and Kitchen Item Tokens (KIT)

Simplifies receiving orders and delivery process and eases printing, tracking, and managing KOTs through fully-integrated digitized software. Plus, track and control movement of kitchen items across the pizzeria through KITs.

Flexible Menu Ordering

Reduce the time wastage between order receipt and order delivery and extends flexibility to customers while ordering from a wide range of pizzas.

Advantages of using RePOS in Pizzerias

Kitchen Communication

Clear, fast and quick communication among floor managers, captain, and kitchen managers. Improves speed and order accuracy.

Customer Tracking

Search for customers by name, phone number, or email address. Saves time during order receipt. Track previous orders or visits. Build customer database simultaneously. Send offers and promotion messages.

Customer Display

Allow customers to view their pizzeria journey on RePOS software. Guests can place orders on the tablet and can view order details in real time.

Create your pizza

Allow your customers to create custom pizzas using RePOS pizza creator app. The app lets customers to prepare virtual pizzas on RePOS Pizzeria app for easy cooking, pricing, and delivery.