Perfect bill with the Most Perfect Coffee

Smoothen every coffee bill with our support

Quick and swift like your baristas, RePOS Cafe POS carries features to facilitate smooth operations and management of your cafe.  Let RePOS system do the job while you explore possibilities of serving your customers faster, quicker.

Happy Hours

Increase customer loyalty through an inbuilt feature to send SMS alerts about multiple happy hour time slots for the weekdays and increase sales.

Reporting on the go

Keep yourself updated about sales, revenue, employee performance, and customer footfall by viewing real-time reports, real-time, no matter if you are not at the cafe.

On-Demand Reporting & Analytics

Track expenses, production vis-a-vis sales of your cafe business with the innovative and user-friendly feature of on-demand reporting and analytics.

Multiple Payment Options

Ensure customer satisfaction by giving them the convenience of making payments through different channels – cash, online, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, reward points.

Advantages of using RePOS in Cafes

Smooth Order Management

Baristas can receive and manage orders. Assign tickets to tables. Manage open tickets by splitting, merging, and moving items between tickets. Assign tickets to different employees.

Order Management

Get orders to the kitchen faster with fewer errors by using kitchen displays or printers. Create as many kitchen stations on the software as you need.

Manage Inventory

Manage inventory of stock, produced items, and ingredients with a unique inventory management option. Also, manage and track transfer goods between your cafe outlets.

Organize Sales

Customize your menu. Populate popular items on the first screen. Organize items and categories on different pages. Based on customer need, create different dining options.