Stock Management

Fully-integrated RePOS stock management module captures the minutest detail of inventory at your restaurant. Helps you efficiently manage stock, including raw material, unused items, reduced wastage, track item usage, and record new stock. Generate reports on stock movement through real-time tracking.

Key Features


  • A centralized recipe bank
  • Save all minute details of recipes
  • Add or Delete recipes
  • Updates stock status on each order

Online Requisition and
Indenting for all outlets

  • Order stock for outlets at one go
  • Manage stock status for all outlets
  • Track stock usage online
  • Generate reports real-time

Alerts for
Out of Stock Items

  • Set alerts for the most moving item
  • Set alerts for all outlets centrally
  • Alert for items used during the day
  • Set an alert for reordering stock

Stock Management Made Simple With POS

Option for Manual Correction of Stock

Allows you to manually correct stock position for all your outlets by entering stock details in the system.

Manage Wastage

Track, monitor, and prevent your stock from wastage with Manage Wastage feature.

Mark Manual Consumption

Helps you manual mark the stock consumed during the day or at any given time.

Set Re-Order Levels and Alerts

Reorder stocks by setting reorder alert as soon as your stock hits minimum level.

Mark GRN

Mark GRN (Goods Receipt Note) entries for items received from your suppliers to effectively manage your stock.

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