Delicacy is maintained in every aspect you require with your bill and food

We help your Bakery make informed decisions

Easy to use and install. Fully intuitive RePOS Bakery POS software lets you manage orders, bills, production, wastage, and accounts in one place. Give your customers a cake-walk, hassle-free bakery buying experience.

Weight-Based Ordering

Integration with weigh scale helps you track orders of weight-based products such as bread, loaf, cakes etc. Automated weight-based features save time and reduce errors.

Integrated with CRM for Birthdays and Anniversaries Reminders

Share happiness with your customers. Make them feel special. Send Happy Hour timings, days, and special pricing through SMS/Email from your mobile or table

Integration with POS Weigh Scales

Fully integrated with your bakery’s weigh scale, the system automatically records the weight of items placed on the scale thereby eliminating the chances of human error or intended item shrinking.

Advance Booking and Orders Management

Book advance orders, online or at the counter through your tablet or mobile phone. Handle current or advance order customizations, variations, add notes, names, and table to orders. Also manage order production and deliveries.

Advantages of using RePOS in Bakeries

Plan Production and Sales

Earn more profit through accurate insights on production and sales. Plan production schedule in real-time, track orders, sales, and revenue generation anywhere, anytime.

Packaging & Delivery

Real-time tracking and management of orders, packaging, and delivery schedules. Offers complete and effective control over operations.

Manage Inventory

Manage inventory of raw material, items produced but not sold, food supplies, and other ingredients with unique inventory management option.

Weighing Scale

Weigh scale integration reduces human error and simplifies the process of selling items in little or loose quantity.