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POS that makes your waiting time zero

Repos introduces an innovative software in its series of hospitality software solutions. Repos bars and pubs pos has been created using an innovative interface for easier and speedier customer service. The software enables quick order placing, bill generation, stock management, updating digital menu and its pricing.


Flexible taxation management for food and liquor

A unique feature to managing taxes on food and liquor, individually and combined as well. Allows tax inclusion/exclusion, change tax during the transactions. Reduces human error and increases the efficiency of your bar and pub.

Central kitchen

Fully-integrated RePOS central kitchen system offers higher food consistency to your customers while reducing the overall cost of operation.

Schemes & PromotionsDynamic kot management for food and liquor

Smartly designed repos software eases communication between the floor and kitchen. Simultaneously generate kots for bartender, cashier, and bar & kitchen supervisor. The system speeds up food and liquor orders and reduces manual intervention.

Inventory tracking with recipe management

Effective, efficient and reliable repos software helps you manage and track inventory with specific recipes. Help save time and enhances the production process.

Tab-based ordering

Link the shop inventory with the menu and receive, track, and manage ingredient level inventory manually or through the real-time report option.

Advantages of using RePOS in Bars and Pubs

Complete tax management

Manage individual or multi-location taxes. Generate taxation reports in real-time.


Easy to use and fully customizable pos. Designed to handle a large, rapid-fire, volume of orders.

Inventory management and trackingInventory management and tracking

Manage and track recipes of specialized drinks through repos inventory with recipe feature.

Mobile compatible

Customers can place orders from their mobile phones, allowing staff and bartenders to interact with guests.

Customer serviceCustomer service

Repos bars & pubs system helps save names of customers, which allows you to view past visit history and choice of drinks.