5 Tips to Ultimate Restaurant Menu Strategy

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A menu strategy is a process of establishing each menu item in place, for your business to grow.Whether you’re developing your very first restaurant menu or planning to reinvent your current one, a proper strategy for item arrangement has to be put in motion.

There are no objectively right or wrong answers when it comes to designing a menu, but there are right and wrong tactics when developing a restaurant menu.

There is not one straightforward strategy that works for all kinds of restaurants, but there are certain tactics that the restaurants need to apply before they finalize the menu for their restaurants. These are based on trials and errors done over a period.

Here are some tips to help you plan your restaurant’s menu strategy.

1. Menu Pricing:

The price of each item in the menu can be set according to the adaptive nature of the people there, for example, if they are more prone to seeing and buying a product of price INR 49 rather than INR 50, then that is something you need to adopt while setting the price for your menu items.

2. Menu Navigation:

By applying a menu psychology strategy that includes the design and placement of items, you can highlight the most expensive items. For example, placing the most expensive item on your menu with the best-selling item.

3. Location Research:

The research done at the start of a restaurant can be utilized at this point where the mentality of the localities is taken in to consideration before finalizing the menu items. This kind of research can answer location-related questions and help you choose the menu items wisely.

4. Time to Prepare:

Check the time for preparation and accordingly sort and pre-prepare the dish in your restaurant for fast service. Preferably the time to prepare the dishes should be less so that the turn around time of each order is reduced.

5. Raw Material Procurement:

The raw materials needed for the preparation of your food items should be done locally. This is because it becomes pocket friendly as it is local, also it can be accessed when needed locally. This will help you to set an affordable pricing of the menu.


Overall, the menu should be of a manageable size, so that over stuffing of the items is usually avoided. The minimalist format of the menu reduces wastage and improves the concentration of the food items to be prepared. To optimize your menu further, you might need to learn the principles of menu psychology and menu navigation.


These points are subject to change concerning circumstances in the industry and restaurant type.


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