8 Extra Features that Increase the “X-Factor” of a POS Software

With the increasing challenges in the F&B industry, having POS software to manage and streamline your business operations has become inevitable. As much as tangible/functional features like billing, inventory management, and CRM are essential in POS software; so are a few intangible/non-functional ones that enhance the use of the software. This article throws light on such features.


The hardware market is an emerging one and with each passing day, new hardware devices are being introduced in the market. So, it is essential that the POS software is responsive enough to work well with multiple platforms viz. Windows, Android, and iOS and also should fit well in all the standard screen sizes. Software Compatibility becomes critical to reduce costs.


Data security is of utmost priority as there’s a lot of confidential business information like sales data, food recipes, and customer contacts that are being saved in the POS software. The data has to be kept safe on the cloud and ensure that any security breach doesn’t happen. Also, another aspect of security is to set authorization and access levels in the software so that the junior staff stays out of reach of the critical business information.


POS Software is best known for its ease of use and speed. The ability to handle multiple transactions and quick payments are what makes POS software a must-have. With well-performing software, a business can cater to more customers in less time, thus increasing the business efficiency and boosting the sales process as well.


The software design should be scalable enough to accommodate the needs of a small restaurant or a large chain of restaurants. This is one of the most important features of POS Software if you’re looking to expand your business multi-fold. The software should be competent to manage everything right from billing operations and customer data to franchise stores management and supply chain operations.


User-friendliness is the key to any successful POS software. It ought to work smoothly and be adapted by anyone who uses it. Ease of use also enhances the productivity of the person using the software, thus leading to a reduced turnaround order processing time and in turn, growth in the revenue.


A business owner adorns various hats at different times to keep his business functioning smoothly. In such a scenario, it may not always be possible to be physically present at the outlet and monitor the activities. So, one can benefit if a cloud-based POS software provides vital data like sales figures, stock levels, etc. on a mobile app. All the information becomes easily accessible on fingertips.

Offline Mode

Though it is inevitable to have a robust internet connection at restaurant premises, there may be intervals of unexpected downtime. But this shouldn’t stop the counter person from billing the customers. Despite the fact that cloud-based software needs the internet to function; any POS software must certainly work in an offline mode without the internet.

Support and Maintainence

While choosing a POS software, you must keep in mind the post-sales support and service the software provider will offer to help you implement the software based on your business operations. Also, an ideal POS software company will constantly upgrade their system and release new features at periodic intervals.

Support Services
In conclusion, you need to evaluate POS software not only by looking for the regular features that help to automate your restaurant operations, but enhance your productivity levels and in turn increase your revenue. If any POS software covers the majority of the above points, then it is surely a good choice to consider!

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