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Usually, a POS is envisioned to be a billing software, but it is not the case, and you can do many things a Point of Sale Software. RePOS is built with a perspective of Automating the processes and reducing the chances of human errors. It caters to almost every aspect of a restaurant business including sales, stocks, marketing, and customer management. Here are points that help you get a better understanding of the same.

● Customer Relationship Management:

As a business owner, you can use RePOS software for engaging well with your customers where you can directly connect with your customers to stay in touch and make them feel important by sending automated messages and emails on their special days. Apart from this, offers and discounts can be communicated at periodic intervals.

● Money Management:

Reconciliation of payment at the end of the day becomes very easy as the software shows the bifurcation of the sales collections made with the various modes of payment. RePOS provides you a platform to accept all kinds of payments. There is no need to switch apps for accepting a card, cash, or any other type of payment. With the multiple options available in the software, you can do this with the utmost ease. Get automated reports at the end of the day with the details of business transactions and much more to proceed with a hassle-free business.

● Vendor or Supplier Management:

RePOS help you keep a track of all your vendors and suppliers with a various range of products – name, product, credit system provided, outstanding payment, etc with reminders that can be set for the payment due for a particular vendor. Comparing different vendor rates for the best purchase and the credit system which suits your business in the best way can be checked with this module.

● Quality Management:

Final quality and taste of your product should be maintained irrespective of who is making it. In order to achieve a standard quality protocol, RePOS has provided an option for recipe management which will ensure that the chefs use the same recipe to maintain the consistency and the quality of the dishes being served.

● Stock Level Management:

As we mentioned about the recipe management option in the last point, RePOS offers additional features to manage the stock/inventory of products which will be closely connected to the recipes in the system.

The quality management module, stock level management goes hand in hand with it. The stocks can be managed according to the quantity that is required in every dish to be prepared and the demand for it. RePOS has an inbuilt mechanism to intimate you when your stocks reach the reorder level.

Looking at the various aspects of a restaurant business, there is much more than sales that a business owner needs to focus on. So it is inevitable that the selection of the POS software is made keeping in mind the aforesaid points. RePOS is well equipped to support any restaurant format (Dine-in, QSR, Cafe, Bakery, etc.) and take it to new heights with various options that it offers. For more details about RePOS book a demo today.


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