Advance ordering for Bakery using RePOS Software

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Advance Cake Ordering is an added feature that bakery owners get when they use RePOS in their outlets. This is an efficient way of working rather than manually communicating with the production department. as this module makes the entire process more organized.

RePOS when used at a bakery point of sale, is not only meant to be used for billing purposes but serves many other operations as well, which gives you many tangible and intangible benefits.

Advance cake ordering follows a particular process starting from the time the customer places the order till the time they receive it.

Step 1:

The cashier at the counter gets various options to facilitate the process when taking advance cake orders using RePOS containing the features like : Delivery date & time, toppings, flavour choices, etc. (shown in the image below)

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This function of the software will keep calculating the total amount as per the requirements of the customer. Then, the cashier needs to punch in the advance amount in the system, paid by the customer. An order slip is generated, with the cake design details and the commercials printed on it. The order details are sent via email to you and the customer.

Step 2:

After the order is punched, the back office is updated instantly. There are two options in the back office that show the order status one when the production is completed and the second when the dispatch is started. The back office is accessible from anywhere by anyone in your team. The production unit can then plan the production, based on their time of delivery.

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Step 3:

Once the order is produced and ready for dispatch, the distribution team collects it from the factory. An alert is sent to the concerned outlet that the product is dispatched. The dispatch option is updated in the back office by the associated person in the outlet, once they receive the order.

Step 4:

During the delivery of the product to the customer the bill is generated with the entire amount of the cake but the customer needs to pay the balance amount based on the system generated bill.

The process ends here.

How will this benefit you as a bakery owner?

Production Planning:

Planning for production and sales is important. With the help of the advance orders received during the day, inventory estimation and the number of orders that are required to be prepared for the upcoming days can be planned in advance.

Customer Records:

With each customer record, comes the order history. This is the best method for a bakery owner to track the number of returning customers. Hence, you can provide them with promotional offers from time to time using RePOS.

Order Clarity:

Preciseness is maintained with respect to each and every detail regarding the order of the customer. With this option in effect, both the parties are clear in the requirement that has been stated by the customer to the cashier. As stated above, the order details are sent on the registered email of the customer.


This feature is directed towards changing the overall working of the bakery sector, as this is a way to organize all the activities inclusive of the basic ones. Including RePOS in your daily work organizes all the activities that make the effort flow in the proper amount and in the most appropriate direction.


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