Secrets Of Becoming a Successful Restaurant Manager

Secrets of Becoming a Successful Restaurant Manager

The success of a restaurant solely depends on the manager. Although team members, right from waiters to captain, chef to cooks, cashier to accounts everybody contributes equally, the onus of increasing footfall, retaining customers falls on the manager. A restaurant manager’s job requires a smart blend of staff management, inventory control, and most important – customer service. The introduction of digital technology in the restaurant business has redefined the roles of the restaurant team, especially the manager. And to stay ahead of the competition, he needs to incorporate technology in day-to-day operations. Becoming a successful restaurant manager is based on the following time-tested secrets. So, if you are an aspiring restaurant manager, wanting to taste success, here are some secrets.

● Focus On Priorities:

Prioritize your tasks at the start of the day. You might get distracted by emails, phone calls, customer issues, inventory, etc., but ensure your priorities are in place and you take the necessary steps to realize them in due time. Be proactive, execute the day’s activities, and plan for the next day.

● Innovate:

To stay ahead of the competition, you will need to use your innovative self by launching marketing campaigns, newer recipes, and utilizing the latest technologies such as point of sale, besides amicable management of staff needs and required inventory.

● Teamwork:

Usually a restaurant manager bears the brunt of criticism and negative feedback from his peers and customers when things go wrong. But you as a smart manager will have to ensure nothing gets percolated on your team members. Identify the strength of each team member, keeps them united through positive feedback.

● End The Day Effortlessly :

The potent secret to your success lies in strong communication. Arrange staff meetings are regular intervals, keep them abreast about changes or addition in processes. Maintain a message board for non-tech savvy team members. Keep in touch with your customers. Use Email or SMS to communicate them about offers, promotions, new menus, or about changes/additions at the restaurant.

● Customer First:

The Master Key to your success as a restaurant manager. Not at all rocket science, but simply knowing what customers expect and your preparedness to keep them happy. However, some requests have to be denied and your mature tackling ensures customers do not feel offended. Pave way for success by offering the best service with a smile at all times.

As a restaurant manager, you will no doubt be the busiest person and a bit stressed at the end of every day; however, applying them will help you empower yourself as a successful Restaurant Manager.


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