5 must-have features to look for in a Food Truck POS


The food truck business is growing and so is the preference of food lovers. Since real estate is pricey, chefs, cooks, and experts at preparing mouth-watering dishes are choosing food trucks over brick-and-wall restaurants. The key advantage of a food truck – completely mobile, capable of shifting from one location to another in a jiffy.

However, food trucks are usually stationed at one place so as to serve regular customers. Other factors such as less investment, negligible overheads, less manpower, are additional advantages to food truck owners. To thrive and stay ahead of the competition, it is imperative for a food truck business to invest in a Point-of-Sale system. A POS is essential to streamline and simplify the in-demand business. A POS facilitates tracking and managing the daily operations of the food truck. It can organize account statements, generate reports on sales, inventory, and build a customer database. Food Truck POS are usually packed with in-built features that are important for the business but buying and installing a ready-to-use POS system without evaluating the business requirement won’t help achieve goals. Given below are 5 features that are a must in a Food Truck POS.

● Fast:

The first and foremost. The POS should be fast, responsive, and quick in order processing, payment collection, bill/invoice generation, report generation, etc. A slow POS software with an inefficient menu and slow payment processing affects customer service, leading to dissatisfaction.

● Works Offline :

This feature adds value to the food truck since it is able to serve customers in spite of no or low internet connectivity. It helps the food truck owner/manager to issue bills and collect payments offline.

● Multiple Payment Options:

‘Cash Only’ cripples sales. Food Truck POS offering multiple options of payment opens doors to a wide array of customers. Customers prefer to pay bills through credit/debit cards, e-wallets, or net-banking hence it is crucial to have this feature.

● Process Multiple Orders:

You lose customers for every delay in the order acceptance. Don’t limit to accepting and processing one order at a time, install the feature of accepting multiple orders. The feature will bring in more customers.

● Print Order Tickets:

Paper order tickets are gone for good. It’s time for printed order tickets. Printed order tickets help the chef to prepare and deliver the exact order, quickly and efficiently. Printed tickets smoothen kitchen and counter communication.

We have handpicked the above-mentioned features from several features a POS offers – sales reports, promotional offers, inventory control, marketing campaigns, mobile compatible version, etc. We recommend food truck owners choose a POS system that fits the budget and meets all the requirements.


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