5 Simple Ideas to Increase Your Pizzeria’s Profit Margin

5 Simple Ideas to Increase your Pizzeria's profit Margin

Name any metro or urban city, or even semi-urban towns, pizza points are everywhere. May it be a prime neighborhood or a crowded location, you are sure to find at least half a dozen pizzerias in and around thriving market areas. Consumer choice and the introduction of a wide range of tasty, scrumptious pizzas have pushed the opening of numerous private or franchisee pizza outlets, upward. With the rising competition, it is becoming hard for existing and new pizzerias to stay in the business.

However, the market isn’t saturated, there are tools to beat the competition and stay ahead of the curve. We do understand, the topic is fragile and personal, but earning good money and booking profit consistently is a desire for every pizzeria owner. You, as a smart pizzeria owner, can boost your sales and increase your profit margin by following the 5 simple ideas given below:

● Pricing:

Product pricing and valuing the patron is quite delicate. Prices of raw materials, ingredients, etc. do fluctuate that are not under your control. Track the market and adjust menus and pricing accordingly. Maintain competitive pricing.

● Marketing:

Reach the millennials. Use social media and other online marketing tools to promote exclusive offers, promotions, giveaways, and or happy hours. Promote your community involvement and CSR activities like saving water, preventing food wastage, food sharing, etc.

● Customer Service:

One satisfied customer is going to refer ten others and one dissatisfied customer can spoil your reputation. So, ensure every customer at your pizzeria leaves happily and returns with a smile. Do whatever it takes, but remember you are in business, don’t waive your profit margin.

● Inventory Control:

Inventory control is extremely important because this is where you invest the most. The activity will consume your time, but you have to do it. Inventory management helps you track frequently ordered items, wastage, theft of raw materials, and other ingredients.

● Technology:

Last but very important. Enlist your pizzeria on food-ordering websites, implement a full-featured POS system to achieve desired results. A POS system cuts down wait time, speeds-up, and streamlines operations. Given below are key features of a POS, explained in brief.

  • Faster ordering – saves ordering and execution time.
  • Upsell – prompts employees to upsell items like sides, extra toppings, desserts.
  • Accuracy – tracks all ordered items, issues accurate bills.
  • Online ordering – allows customers to choose and order item/s of their choice.
  • Loyalty program – ensures repeat customers leading to increased sales.

We have handpicked the above-mentioned features from several features a POS offers – sales reports, promotional offers, inventory control, marketing campaigns, mobile compatible version, etc. We recommend food truck owners choose a POS system that fits the budget and meets all the requirements.


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