Major Issues Faced by a Restaurant

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Apart from all the good things that we are aware of in a restaurant, there are a dozen issues regularly faced by the restaurant owners. Running a restaurant is not as easy as it seems. Approximately 60% of restaurants shut down in the first of their working.

1. Customer Reviews:

Customers are the most aware and connected in this digital world. They have a word about your restaurant much before visiting your restaurant. A bad customer review can affect the overall impression created over the years digitally. As per a study, a chance of a customer not choosing your restaurant is as high as 20% because of the review that they have read online.

2. Keep up with the Trends:

The trends are digital propagation and keep the spirit alive in its users. When a restaurant keeps up with the trends there are two major expenses to be done. 1. Changing the menu or updating the menu items at regular intervals. This leads to additional expenses on food trials, marketing, food photography, etc. 2. Interior changes have to be done as per the need of the hour. This can be done every 2-3 years, to keep up in the eyes of their customers.

3. Customer Handling:

Handling retail customers is one of the toughest jobs. Sometimes, the customers themselves create havoc around, this disturbs the existing customers to stay longer, hence gathering negative experience overall. So managing such customers becomes a big challenge when the right kind of personnel is not appointed.

4. Employee Handling:

Employees are the fuel needed for your restaurant to run smoothly. They need special attention in terms of appraisals, healthy competition. The attrition ratio is skyrocketing even with the minimum hike given to employees in this industry.

5. Inventory Management:

Everyday issues faced by the restaurateurs were like manual errors, carelessness, loss of paper, date and time wrongly entered, etc. Such kind errors usually create a mess in the case of multi-chain and franchisee restaurant types. But with the introduction of POS software, inventory management has eased 10 times for all the restaurant types.


To conclude, there are several issues regularly faced by a restaurateur. In case they don’t fulfil them, chances can occur for a restaurant to fail and leave the industry.


This Blog is subject to change with the change in the terms and conditions in the industry. This content may or may not apply to your type of restaurant. We have tried to cover so that maximum types of restaurants can be affected.


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