POS software :
A tool to make your Restaurant Franchise a SUCCESS!

Do you run a successful restaurant business and are willing to replicate this success model by giving out franchisees? Here your friend in need will be a POS software which will take care of the sales and all other necessary operations to regulate your franchisees. To begin with, a POS system does not come into play only at the checkout counter. With front-end interface dependencies such as loyalty programs, order tracking and digital ordering, it has evolved from a traditional back office technology to a better woven multichannel customer experience. A POS Software will enable you to:

  • 1. Manage all your franchise locations:

    Hustling at all the franchisees to deliver the best? Sit at home and manage all your franchisees within minutes with the POS software.

  • 2. Supply Chain Operations:

    Right from raising requests by the franchise outlet, production of those items at the manufacturing unit and dispatching the requested items at the franchise; all of it can be easily managed through the software.

  • 3. Recipe Standardization:

    To ensure and maintain consistency in your food items, you can create recipes in the system so that customers can always experience the same great taste at any of your franchise outlet.

  • 4. Compare Different Locations:

    You can now compare employee productivity, sales of specific items, and other key metrics between multiple locations of your franchises.

  • 5. Offer Management Made Easy:

    POS System will allow you to plug-in permanent or seasonal discounts instantaneously across your franchises.

  • To sum it up, the more you grow your business the less tedious technical work has to be done by you, as POS system shall look after all your requirements for the chains of your restaurants. You can simply lay back and enjoy the show.

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